The John Street Roundhouse 2006

Equipment and Artefacts

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Equipment & Artefacts

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TTC 2300


A list of the large equipment currently residing within the roundhouse. Ownership is shown (thus). Click for a photograph.

CNR GMD GP7 No. 4803, 1953 (City of Toronto) Preserved 5 July 1984 second photo.

CP Alco S-2 No. 7020, 1944 (City of Toronto) The first CP diesel switcher in Toronto. 2 3

CP Sleeper/work car "Jackman", 1931 (City of Toronto)

CPR Wood Boxcar No.188625, 1917 (Canadian Railway Historical Association - CRHA)

TH&B Caboose No. 701907, (CRHA, Toronto & York Division)

RVLX Wood Tank Vinegar car, No. 101, 1938 (CRHA)

CPR Official car "Cape Race", 1929 (Upper Canada Railway Society)

CPR Baldwin DS4-4-1000 No. 7069 1948 (Private)

TTC "Peter Witt" Streetcar No. 2300 1921, (CRHA)

The original 120' long Locomotive Turntable, 1929 (City of Toronto)

Miscellaneous Artefacts in the Roundhouse.

Direct steam sign.jpg (59507 bytes)

A damaged enamel sign in bay 32 giving instructions on the use of the locomotive Direct Steam system.

compressor.jpg (83991 bytes) compressor plate-2.jpg (364259 bytes) 

A belt-driven Ingersoll-Rand air compressor and it's makers plate.

Shop crane.jpg (67805 bytes)  Ready-Power plate.jpg (598248 bytes)

An Elwell-Parker gasoline/electric (36vdc) workshop crane (L) and the data plate on it's motor-generator unit (R).

steam air compressor.jpg (65910 bytes) compressor3.jpg (483547 bytes)

 Two locomotive steam-driven air compressors

motor-gen set.jpg (349673 bytes)

An AC to DC motor-generator set.

The above five items are in bays 31-32.

 Steam Gen pic 1.jpg (49776 bytes) Steam Gen pic 2.jpg (45933 bytes)

 Diesel-era steam-generator instructions posted on a pillar.

Wheel jacks.jpg (75719 bytes)

Two wheel jacks used in the wheel-drop pits in bays 27-30, located in bay 13.

Gate shack.jpg (40306 bytes) Cabin D.jpg (87726 bytes)

A gate keepers shack in bay 27 and signal cabin "D" outside.

smoke jack.jpg (35317 bytes)

One of two wooden smoke-jacks from the locomotive bays stored in the machine shop.

Sellers jet cleaner.jpg (379790 bytes)

A Sellers Hydraulic Jet Cleaner. One of several attached to pillars throughout the roundhouse.